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WATCH: Learn To Lead Your Team To Bigger Profits

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Nicole Lopez with Mark Dimas Properties and Stacy Soleil with Follow Up Boss, share advice for brokers about how to create a profitable team model.

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Good team management can make or break your profits as a broker. What does good team management require? What can brokers do to create a thriving team?

We got some great answers from Stacey Soleil, head of community and industry relations for Follow Up Boss, and Nicole Lopez, chief operating officer for Mark Dimas Properties, as they spent their afternoon session discussing how brokers can make the team model work for them at Inman Connect Las Vegas.

While working together is usually smarter, it’s not always easy. And knowing how to guide a group of agents can be tricky at best. For the brokers who can, though, the rewards are plenty. 


From left to right: Nicole Lopez, Stacy Soleil and Wendy Forsythe at ICLV


Finding profitability, and increasing it, is all about helping each member of your team thrive. And the best way to do that is to support each member. 

“Everybody and every person that sits at that brokerage is important and they bring value,” said Lopez, “Success is measured by the whole, not the one.”

That simple shift in mindset to winning as a team and including every member is vital to ensure everyone gets the support they need. 

Soleil advises brokers to figure out a way to lift everyone up in their brokerage. Invest in your agents, all of them, and make sure they have tools that work for and support them. Nothing is worse than spending money on tech solutions that no one can easily use. 

She also advised using tools in both an outward fashion for the team and inward to create good accountability. 

“Create a flow inside of your brokerage that is proven to work,” said Soleil.  

Both panelists also stressed the importance of mentoring new agents who haven’t had the opportunity to work in a changing market like the one they find themselves in now. 

Bottom line: to create a profitable team and scale it, invest in the members of that team in ways that support each member. 

Watch the entire session via the video at the top of this post to hear all the advice.    

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