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Top 5 Luxury Home Features With Crestron

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A Crestron smart home intergrator helps to ensure that your luxury client’s investment in smart home technology pays off. Smart home analyst and team leader Brandon Doyle offers tips for ensuring a smarter smart home setup.

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Crestron is a leading name when it comes to high-end, luxury homes. Here are the top five reasons you may want to consider working with a professional integrator.


Sixty percent of homeowners purchase smart home technology to monitor their homes remotely. Luxury homeowners value their privacy, and a large home has a lot to cover. A fully integrated security system, including video doorbells and cameras, allows the owner to see who is at the door on any of the TVs and touch panels throughout the home or on their phone app.

Seamless design

The technology should not stand out but rather blend in with the home’s design seamlessly. Keypads are an elegant solution compared to having a bank of unlabeled switches. Samsung frame TVs can switch to art when not in use. By planning for where touch panels, screens and speakers go, there are not any unsightly cords, mounts or hubs visible on countertops or walls.

Lighting and shade control

When you walk into a room in a large home, you’ll often find a large bank of switches, and it can be difficult to know which switch to press and may require going to the other side of the room to find the right one. For that reason, one of my favorite smart home features has always been smart lighting and shades.

With Crestron, the control is intuitive, and custom touch pads can control multiple areas without taking up a bunch of space on the wall. Anyone who walks in can quickly set the scene, know which button to press and turn everything off with just one touch.

Video and audio distribution

If you’ve got multiple entertainment areas in a home, typically each TV requires its own cable box or satellite receiver. That monthly cost can add up when you’ve got a large house. 

This is not to mention all of the streaming, music and gaming devices you may want to add. Video and audio distribution allows homeowners to have just one or two of each device located in a central location. They can then be accessed and controlled anywhere throughout the house.

Intuitive interfaces

The Crestron app and physical remotes act as universal remotes so that you’re not stumbling to figure out several different remotes just to turn the TV on. This makes it easy for anyone to watch or listen to what they want in any room of the house without having to use an instruction manual

When you’ve built a home of this caliber and have all of the technology baked in, the expectation is that everything should just work. By partnering with a Crestron integrator, you’ll know that all of the products work together and can be controlled with just one app. As opposed to having many different apps that may or may not work together, you’ll have someone available to call 24/7 for support.

You pay a lot of money for a luxury home, and you shouldn’t have to worry about upgrades, APIs, logins or resetting systems. With a secure network built into the rack and the wattbox, the integrator can remotely monitor for issues and proactively make sure everything is functioning properly.

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