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‘Smurf’ House Goes Viral For Eccentric Roof

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A home for sale in Michigan has captured the internet’s attention for its bright blue, cartoonish roof, which reminded some users of The Smurfs. 

The mansion in West Bloomfield, Michigan is listed for $4.19 million, and though the Coldwell Banker listing does little to play up its most eccentric feature it does include information on the home’s seven-car garage and “negotiable” jet ski and boat lift, while describing the property as “reminiscent of the Cotswold style.”

Indeed the roof is the most eccentric feature of the house, which also features seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, seven fireplaces and sleeping porches. The property is situated on a lake with a private dock and 175 feet of shoreline.

Since 2005, the home has been occupied by the same owners, who painstakingly restored the home’s historic details, according to the listing.

A post featuring the house on the popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild garnered more than 30,000 likes and nearly 1,000 comments on Instagram.

“If your home doesn’t have a Smurf roof then don’t even think about inviting me over,” read the account’s caption on the house.

Some users expressed disappointment that the property’s interior wasn’t as eye-catching as its exterior.

“How is that roof so wild and the rest so boring?” one user commented.

But others found the roof gaudy compared to the understated elegance found inside.

“The rest of the house looks pretty normal and classy, but the roof is just bizarre,” wrote one user. “On its own it is kind of interesting and campy, but it does not fit with any of the other architectural designs or decor. Maybe if it was a darker color, gray or black, it would fit better.”

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