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Shut The Front Door! This Simple Design Choice Can Net Sellers $6,500

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As the real estate market shifts and bidding wars slow down, homesellers are searching for every avenue to squeeze the most out of their current abode. While five-figure renovations are likely off the table for most, a Zillow report published on Thursday revealed a $200 front door makeover can push buyers to offer $6,449 more.

Amanda Pendleton | Zillow

“This research shows how seemingly minor home improvements can make a big difference in the way a potential buyer views and values a home,” Zillow home trends expert Amanda Pendleton said in a written statement. “A front door is often the first thing that captures a buyer’s eye, and first impressions matter when buyers need to make swift decisions in today’s fast-moving market.”

Zillow’s research revealed buyers adore black doors, with sellers who paint their front doors this classic shade receiving, on average, $6,449 more. Slate blue doors were also a fan favorite, with homes sporting this relaxing shade netting $1,537 more.

Lastly, olive green brought a return on investment of $969.

While bold neutrals captivate potential buyers, Zillow noted other unorthodox colors — such as pale pink and cement gray — can actually shave four figures off the value of their home.

“Some study participants described homes with a pale pink front door as ‘kind of shabby looking’ and would be willing to pay, on average, $6,516 less than expected,” the report read. “Cement gray front doors received the lowest overall score.”

Before advising a seller to slather their doors in inky black paint, Pendleton noted there’s no guarantee homebuyers in your market will like any of these colors. In fact, she said, these colors — especially black — can have different connotations to buyers and potentially push them away.

“Black was more polarizing than other front door colors, with some buyers saying it is ‘imposing’ and ‘doesn’t give positive vibes at all,’” the report explained.

Finally, Pendleton offered some sage advice to buyers and reminded them to focus on the most crucial aspects of a home such as the location, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, proximity to work, family and friends, and the other features that will meet their needs.

“When going through a stressful process that brings half of all buyers to tears, visual cues like color can have an outsize impact on decision making,” she said. “[But] Buyers, meanwhile, should be aware of how cosmetic factors like front door paint colors can skew their perception and valuation of a home.”

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