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Should Homeowners Sell A Storm-Damaged Home?

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After a natural disaster like Hurricane Ian, it can be difficult to know how to pick up the pieces. As a real estate agent, you may have homeowners turning to you for advice about repairs or cash offers from real estate investors looking for bargains in the aftermath of recovery efforts.

In addition, you yourself may be struggling with decisions about your own home and your own future.

Here are seven things to consider before selling a storm-damaged home.

Tip 1. Notify your insurance agency: Follow their advice, and discuss the damage and the coverage.

Tip 2. Get an inspection: This will allow you to find out what damage exists — both seen and unseen.

Tip 3. Weigh your repairs: Decide what’s worth fixing yourself and what will require a professional.

Tip 4. Keep all of your paperwork: This includes permits, receipts and insurance claims.

Tip 5. Disclose it all: All of the damage must be disclosed to subsequent buyers to avoid a lawsuit later.

Tip 6. Research investor offers: Although they offer the convenience of cash and a quick closing, you need to make sure that their offer is reliable.

Tip 7. Talk to a professional about the impact on your home’s value: You may want to reach out to an experienced real estate agent or broker or to an appraiser who may be able to provide additional insights.

Watch the full-length video at the top of the article for additional details.

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