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Savvy agents use real estate data to get listing leads

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As the real estate market tightens, so does the competition. Indeed, the availability of housing inventory is at its lowest level in years. Right now, there are more agents than listings. This means if agents want to secure their next listing, they must become more tech-aware to find motivated homeowners looking to sell.

Not all strategies work best under the current circumstances. Blanket marketing strategies serve a purpose in branding and awareness, but they can also result in a lot of wasted ad spend when you could use technology to get more listings instead.

Using available, aggregated real estate data to identify seller motivation, you can target your marketing to the right sellers and get your next listing.

3 top seller motivations found in aggregated real estate data

Senior owners. A senior owner has owned the property for more than 25 years. They may even be an empty nester and ready to downgrade in size. Their age may also impact their ability to maintain the home. This audience segment needs a trusted agent who can help them prepare for their next stage in life.

Vacant properties. If an owner has a vacant property that isn’t generating any income, they may be motivated to sell it. In this situation, the owner is likely looking for a quick sale. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase your skills in home staging and house prep to help them sell that property for maximum return for your client.

Absentee owners. Maintaining a vacant property can be difficult enough when it’s local; however, Absentee Owners are maintaining a property from another city or state. This could be a helpful angle for pitching your services to this type of owner.

These are but a few of the many motivations that you can pinpoint through data. By working and filtering through the results, you can create a customized contact list that no other agent will have. For example, when you combine a data motivation to sell with an equity requirement for the property, you create a prioritized lead list. This will increase your likelihood of success through targeted outreach – goodbye blanket marketing strategies, and underperforming ad spends!

Learn more about data filtering

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