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Recruiting At The Heart Of Chime’s Latest Enterprise Platform Add-On

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The innovative sales and marketing technology platform Chime has rolled out a recruiting product as part of its recent evolution as large-scale enterprise player.

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Recruiting as a component of revenue strategy for brokerages has emerged of late, with top producing teams being lured to switch sides regularly and news being made every time a big name finds a new place to hang their brand.

CRM Chime is among the technology partners angling to take advantage of the shift.

The technology company has rolled out what it calls its Active Recruiting module, a part of its recent evolution as large-scale enterprise player. Unveiled at Gathering of Eagles, an industry innovation summit, the company said its software will help brokers identify, manage and nurture candidates through the hiring process.

In an email to Inman, Chime’s Head of Industry Development, Stuart Sim, said the new module will help brokers feeling pressure on the recruiting trail to gain a long-needed advantage.

“Faced with increased competition and volatile market conditions, brokerage owners are under tremendous pressure to effectively recruit and retain top producers to grow the business,” Sim said. “Powered by innovative automations, Active Recruiting makes it easy to consistently manage the candidate pipeline and seamlessly integrate recruitment into daily operations, helping our valued customers work smarter, not harder.”

Built into Chime’s Enterprise Platform, the recruiting module will help brokers and recruiting managers build a pipeline of candidates, nurture outreach tactics and close the recruitment lifecycle with an included onboarding process.

Specific capabilities include a connection to local multiple listing services’ data feeds for the purpose of monitoring candidate performance. Brokers can search and filter agents by property type, quarterly performance, zip code proficiency, average volume and other pertinent business data before putting them into the “Watchlist.”

Chime can also stay on top of an agent’s social media activity and how they market themselves.

While the advantages to digitizing recruiting are many, what stands out is the lack of need for a third-party human resources technology investment, software rarely made to accommodate the unique needs of residential real estate, which may include variable commission splits, custom benefits and agent-by-agent fees and allowances.

“Our product team keenly understands these challenges and continues to deliver the innovative tools modern agents need to be successful,” Sim said.

The company also plans to add recruiting campaigns to its Smart Plans feature, as well as connect to existing, outside agent recruiting systems.

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