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Mapping the future of proptech — and more

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In the world of proptech, one element determines success or failure: the data. It’s what you find if you could peel away fancy user interfaces and tune out promises of streamlined solutions. Without reliable, accurate, and integrated data, proptech solutions are foundationally unusable.

But with reliable, accurate, and integrated data, tech tools can address a vast array of business challenges across industries, such as broadband coverage analysis, insurance underwriting, telecommunications network planning, utility risk analysis, and, of course, proptech.

LightBox is a leader in location-based analytics

Lightbox powers many such solutions with its LandVision tool. This front-end, the software-as-a-service platform is a subscription-based product that can be licensed in various configurations.

LandVision helps companies integrate accurate, current data into proprietary valuation models as a powerful property data resource.

In a cloud-based platform, LandVision is a turnkey mapping application that visualizes data, encompassing its own data, client data, and third-party data. As a brokerage tool, it delivers powerful prospecting, property research, market analysis, and client presentation capabilities.

It’s a single, technology-enabled platform powered by intelligent data and intuitive tools to provide an end-to-end solution for real estate professionals.

  • Research: Discover and understand a property’s characteristics, including assessed value and transaction history.
  • Analyze: Pull alternative datasets from third-party public servers and search within multiple datasets simultaneously.
  • Manage: Clients upload their spreadsheets to build and manage a database of nearby comps with their most important requirements.
  • Present: Clients can present beautiful candidate markets and properties to prospects with five different types of aerial imagery.

While Landvision is software, the company’s new SmartFabric platform is pure data.

“Think about a cake,” explained Lightbox Director of Location Intelligence Kevin Mabey. “Do you want to make it from scratch or buy one already made? If you want one that’s done for you, you use Landvision. It’s ready out of the box. But when you want to make your own cake, exactly the way you want it, you get all the ingredients. That’s SmartFabric. It’s the sugar, the flour, and the eggs.”

Navigate tomorrow with data-powered decisions

SmartFabric is LightBox’s robust location intelligence offering. It combines geospatial data assets, including parcels, building footprints, property characteristics, tax and deed information, zoning, lender, land use, point of interest, and more. Its unique capabilities to link business listing data to the parcel, which is then integrated into the assessor data, unlocks a robust outlook for its clients.

“SmartFabric includes four levels of ‘bundles’ that you can purchase from us to empower the proptech goals with the level of data they need,” Mabey explained.

That’s because property developers, investment groups, private equity, and iBuyers have various data needs.

“SmartFabric helps assess risk and make informed real estate investment decisions with a high level of precision for locational accuracy. Our data will help you integrate accurate, current data into proprietary valuation models, real estate portals, workflow tools and decision engines, or machine learning models.”

The ultimate data partner for proptech

SmartFabric gets its name from a technologically innovative design that integrates layers of LightBox’s core data, including parcels, building footprints, address files, and geocoding with points of interest, cell phone location, and tax assessor details in a proprietary and flexible modeled fabric.

“The possibilities are practically limitless,” Mabey said. “But success for proptech depends on the accuracy of the data — demographics, environmental details, building analysis, lender information, zoning. The list goes on.”

Today’s technology leaders are taking a hard look at their investments. Every tool, every solution, and every service their company uses has to help move the needle on the business.

As Mabey said, “data will truly be the differentiator in the industry.”

Learn more about LightBox solutions for real estate.

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