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Localize CEO announces 2023 vision and strategic growth plan

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On the second day of Inman Connect New York 2023, Localize CEO Omer Granot sat with Amy Somerville on the main stage in front of a massive room of top agents and brokers. He broke the news of how Localize would exponentially increase an agent’s productivity without sacrificing quality.

In fact, the new Localize 2.0 platform LocalizeOS will provide more meaningful engagement and a more robust pipeline of business.

“Agents powered by Localize can amplify their reach, expand their potential and accelerate their business by being in more of the right places at the right times. We’re using AI to help them have intelligent, sophisticated, and purposeful interactions with qualified buyers.”

Somerville went on to ask for more details and examples of how Granot sees the market normalization putting pressure on agents to find efficiencies and streamline processes.

Geographic expansion is just the beginning

Currently, hundreds of agents in New York use the Localize platform. But with new launch partner opportunities in Chicago and Miami, thousands more can use the technology to meaningfully engage all the people in their database, seeing more deals get to close.

“There is less abundance out there now for agents, brokerages, and investors. You have to be purposeful with every interaction,” Granot told Inman prior to the big announcement. “But no agent can have meaningful conversations with all the leads in your database, much less those that are uniquely qualified to transact now.”

That’s where the LocalizeOS platform comes in. Artificial intelligence powers conversations in a way that’s never been seen before for real estate. Not designed to replace the agent, Localize AI delivers efficiency for the agent and a more meaningful experience to the client. That means more leads close in less time.

“Instead of burdening the agent with follow-up reminders and figuring out how to establish complicated CRM workflows, our technology does the heavy lifting of reaching out, creating a unique client profile, qualifying, and nurturing disengaged buyers while sending them ultra-personalized listings and communications. This enables agents to focus on what matters most: prioritizing relationships with buyers who are ready to work with an agent to support them in one of their most important and largest monetary decisions.”

Somerville expressed reservations about AI on behalf of the industry as a whole: is there a risk to the agent? Granot emphatically assured his host and the audience that AI is the opposite of a threat — it’s a differentiator. In fact, earlier in the week, Granot shared the stage in an AI Learning Lab at Inman Connect with AI policy and research expert focused on Responsible AI, Ori Freiman. Granot and Freiman discussed the importance of ethics and standards to ensure that emerging technologies are empowering businesses and people to achieve more.

“AI as a whole has taken an evolutionary leap in the second half of 2022,” he explained. “It’s being integrated into all aspects of our personal and professional lives. Automation and scripting is one thing, but now human-centered AI, such as what LocalizeAI is based on, can understand the sentiment and combine that with historical data so that the machine has learned how to create thoughtful responses from free-form text. This enables our technology to support the real estate community early in the transaction funnel while amplifying their reach to the greatest scope possible.”

Introducing the new LocalizeOS

Granot appreciates that each agent has a different tech stack with which they operate their business. For the Localize team, success means putting together capabilities that will make a powerful difference in the day-to-day work of an agent as well as plugging into the other platforms they need to succeed in the competitive market and manage their business.

This leads to exciting news about the launch of LocalizeOS in 2023

“This year, the four parts of the LocalizeOS platform are now bundled, bringing together Control Center, Analytics, Marketplace, and AI. In addition, we are building an ecosystem of integration partners to create the most flexible, easy to use solution for the real estate community of technology partners, brokerages and agents.

Learn more about early access, launch partner opportunities, and how LocalizeOS can help amplify you and your business in 2023.

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