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LISTEN: It’s Not Too Late To Advocate For Affordable Housing

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It is no secret that U.S. housing affordability is shrinking. Many of us have witnessed firsthand the reach of our client’s dollar (and even our own) get shorter and shorter, particularly over the last two years.

Have we reached the point of no return? Is it simply a “pie in the sky” dream to hope for a resurgence of affordable housing?

Professor of Urban Studies at Georgia State University and author of Red Hot City: Housing, Race and Exclusion in Twenty-First Century Atlanta, Dr. Dan Immergluck makes the case that housing affordability is within reach and shares on this episode of the Atlanta Realtors Rundown podcast:

  • How we can protect our interests as real estate investors/landlords and still advocate for affordability
  • How we got here (through the lens of Atlanta but he mentions policies that may be applicable to your “neck of the woods”)
  • The opportunities that “The Great Recession” presented
  • How Realtor associations specifically can sway the pendulum towards affordable housing

My hope is that no matter what city/town you live in, the takeaways of this podcast encourage your (continued) advocacy for affordable housing.

Lee Davenport is a licensed real estate broker, trainer and coach. Follow her on YouTube or visit her website.

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