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It’s a new lead state of mind

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You’ve heard it all before. Inventory’s low. Inflation’s high. Conditions are ripe for a market slowdown.

But none of that matters to you — not when you’ve got the new lead state of mind. Because whatever the market, you’re going to do what it takes to fill your funnel with quality buyer and seller leads.

The good news is that you’ve already got a head start, with a built-in lead generator, nurturer, and converter in your agents’ hands: Transactions, the member benefit provided to over 665,000 agents in the US.

Here are four ways you can use this transaction management tool to keep your funnel full and your business moving forward this summer.

1. Awareness: Targeted advertising on social media

You don’t have to spend a million dollars on advertising to look like you did. Optimize the value of your ad spend by targeting buyers and sellers where they are — on social media. A whopping 80% of every demographic use social media at least once a day, but only 57% of real estate agents do the same.

Boost is a proven, effective, and easy-to-use advertising platform, and it’s now integrated into Transactions. Agents can plug in their listings, open houses, or promo webpages and Boost’s intelligent targeting system will pinpoint the preferred audience and share posts on all the top social sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor.

And the results speak for themselves: Howard Hanna, the number one independent real estate brokerage in the country, started using Boost and now sees a staggering 8.8% click-through rate and 337,000+ leads per month.

2. Consideration: Automated online engagement

It’s not rocket science: Sales are more likely when your agents engage with their leads and clients. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Luckily in the digital era, not every client touchpoint needs to be done by hand. You can automate much of your agents’ online engagement and free them up for the moments that matter (more on that later).

On-demand CMAs and ‘what’s my home worth?’ landing pages drum up crucial seller leads and channel them into the agent’s contact list. Agents can then set their CRMs to follow up with new leads and nurture them with marketing campaigns. Both systems connect to Transactions, so agents can capitalize on customer interest and kick-start contracts immediately.

3. Decision + purchase: Faster contracts and signings

This is the moment that matters: Converting leads into deals. Put your agents in the position to win their offers with Authentisign, the fastest eSignature in real estate. Built into Transactions, Authentisign intuitively pulls lead and contact data to help agents prepare offers in just three steps. Because every second matters when the dotted line is on the line.

4. Loyalty: Valuable closing services

Offering closing services at just the right time can provide clients with much-needed peace of mind. With 90% coverage across the US, Transactions’ Digital Home Warranty feature helps agents connect with their preferred providers, order home warranties, and protect clients in a few quick clicks. This extra care will go far in filling your funnel long into the future.

With the market in stasis, lead generation needs to be more than a buzzword. It needs to be a mantra. A state of mind.
One advantage of the real estate profession is that agents and brokers can create demand simply by doing their job: managing transactions. By plugging advertising, CMA, CRM, and closing services directly into transactions, not only can agents and brokers fill funnels with leads; they can engage with those leads, incite them to action, win deals for them, and keep them coming back for more, too.

You know us as Lone Wolf, providers of real estate’s leading transaction, eSignature, and back office software. But did you know? We also offer best-in-class digital advertising, CRM, and CMA software—all connected, all in one place. We’re on a mission to make real estate simpler for you, and it starts by connecting the entire real estate experience. Find out more about our leading real estate software.

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