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How To Extend The Life Of A Real Estate Conference

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During your next sales or team meeting, ask all of your agents to bring their workbooks to present no less than two and no more than three ah-has and press them on how they plan to take action on what they share

Reach out to potential recruits and say “I was at a conference and they were talking about X and I was thinking of you. Would you like a copy of my notes? Let’s meet next week!”

Get your team/brokerage signed up for the next event while they are on a “high”.

For agents

  • Split your notes into three categories: Do now, do this year (with deadlines), do someday — and post in front of you
  • Join a mastermind group that meets once monthly to take execution and challenges
  • Go back and re-watch your favorite sessions (if possible) and listen for things missed
  • Teach your favorite segment to your team and/or brokerage
  • Share your favorite segment on Facebook live to help with agent referrals
  • Carry the workbook in your work bag or purse for the next six months
  • Go back and review your business plan and make any adjustments based on what you learned
  • Reach out to your new role-play and accountability partners from the event and set up times to meet asap
  • Start a thread in the inner circle asking for everyone’s top takeaways and what they have done to take action since the event ended
  • Go sign up for the next event

There you have it. If you’re going to spend the time, money and brain power to attend the best of the best conferences, you’d better have a plan to extend the life of the event long after you return home.

Jeff Glover is the founder of Live Unreal Companies, the parent company of several real estate-related businesses including the No. 1 homeselling team in Michigan, real estate brokerages consisting of over 600 agents, a homebuying mobile phone app and is also the No. 1 producing real estate coach in the country, selling over 100 homes annually in the last decade.

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