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Home That Inspired “The Conjuring” Sells For 27% Above Asking Price

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The historic Rhode Island farmhouse that helped inspire the Conjuring horror franchise is set to close this week at 27 percent above its asking price, according to a report.

The home — which dates to approximately 1736 — conjured up a $1.525 million sale price after listing for just $1.2 million, according to The Wall Street Journal. The buyer was Jacqueline Nuñez, a real estate developer from Boston.

The three-bedroom, 3,100-square-foot property has been owned since 2019 by Jenn and Cory Heinzen who ran a paranormal investigation business out of it. They purchased the home in 2019 for $439,000 before listing it this year, with the caveat that any potential buyer would have to sit for an interview with the couple to make sure they met their requirements, which included an agreement to continue running the house as a business where customers can pay to spend the night and investigate the home’s paranormal past, along with honoring the existing bookings, and not actually living in the house — a rule the couple said was for the buyer’s protection.

The couple told the Journal they rejected multiple offers above asking from buyers who would not agree to be interviewed.

“We got a lot of ridiculous bids, but the people refused to be interviewed,” Jenn Heinzen told the newspaper.


From 1971 to 198o, the farmhouse in the town of Harrisville was the home of Andrea Perron, who says her family experienced numerous paranormal happenings on the property. Perron claims she saw her mother levitating in a chair during a seance and then being thrown 20 feet and hitting the floor so hard she thought she died. Her mother now has no memory of the event, she says.

The family has also told paranormal investigators of an unseen entity slapping one of their siblings in the face, and of a scythe flying off a barn wall and nearly decapitating their mother.

Nuñez, the buyer, told the Journal she intends to team up with the Perron family for events at the house, and turn the house into a learning center where people can connect with spirits not necessarily connected to the house but to them personally.

“It’s time to make the farmhouse a place of love,” Perron told the newspaper.

Nuñez was represented by Ricardo Rodriguez and Bethany Eddy of Coldwell Banker Realty in Providence, while the sellers were represented by Benjamin Kean and Ben Gugliemi, of Mott & Chace Sotheby’s International Realty.

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