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Help your real estate team close more deals

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There’s a lot to consider when you’re leading a real estate team. While you may have been a stellar solo agent, making the switch to running your own team can be a challenge. The fact is productive teams are led by great leaders. To become one, you need to implement systems and tactics that help your team close more sales and build strong relationships.

The good news is when you’re armed with the right solutions, you can maximize your leadership skills and elevate your team’s productivity. To get started, here are three surefire ways you can lead a team to operate at peak efficiency and, ultimately, close more deals.

1. Train them right

Providing effective training from the start is vital to the success of your real estate team. The right training will give your team a strong foundation to work from, arming them with the skills needed to generate leads, build strong client relationships and increase their conversion rates. When training is a priority, you can also ensure that everyone operates from the same playbook.

The 100 Days to Greatness® training program, for example, will get your team on the same page by establishing proven systems to launch their real estate careers.

It’s also important to provide training on a regular basis. This helps reinforce fundamental concepts and ensures that your team’s skills don’t become stagnant. Develop a training schedule and commit to it — whether it’s a webinar, a refresher on a previously taken course, or an entirely new program. This can be done once a month, once a quarter, or once a year.

2. Use a reliable system

A solid system provides structure and helps set expectations. If you’re lacking one, your team will feel disjointed and chaotic. Stay organized by investing in a reliable CRM (client relationship management) software that defines and tracks performance metrics and enables you to hold everyone accountable. With the right CRM, you can gain valuable insights about your entire team’s performance, including instant feedback on how their leads are converting.

A CRM that’s specifically designed for real estate teams, such as Referral Maker® CRM | Team, is especially beneficial. This powerful yet easy-to-use CRM delivers one-click access to sales, leads, and pipeline reports. You can track everyone’s progress and discover areas where they may need assistance or advice. You can also easily manage contacts, assign leads and schedule tasks. The right CRM can make all the difference!

3. Get support

If you really want to take your real estate team’s conversion rates to new heights, get a coach. From helping you define a structure to guiding you in becoming the type of leader your team wants to follow, a real estate team coach will provide unwavering support and accountability. With the right coach on your side, you and your team will gain the strategies and tools needed to increase production and maximize earnings.

Seek out a full-time, certified coach that’s well-versed at effective methods and practices specifically designed for strengthening leaders and teams. Not only should this person elevate you as a leader, but they should also coach your agents. Buffini & Company’s all-in-one Team Coaching™ program can deliver on all this and more. You’ll gain a valuable resource and ally to help you grow as a leader and build a high-producing, rock-solid team.

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