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ESentry App Simplifies Open House-To-CRM Connectivity

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ESentry is an iOS app for agents to use to capture lead information at open houses using QR code scanning. It leverages the user’s CRM API to reconcile visitor data with any existing records and create an in-app lead profile.

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ESentry is an open house marketing and lead capture app.

Platforms: Browser; mobile app on iOS
Ideal For: All agents, teams and brokers

Top selling points:

  • Two-way CRM connectivity
  • Mobile-first
  • In-app visitor lead profile
  • Light, easy UX
  • Fast listing input

Top concern

With in-person open houses once again becoming important, the sign-in app space is getting crowded. ESentry has entered the argument for sure, but more listing agent branding would improve its adoption. It’s also going to have to ramp up its CRM integrations.

What you should know

ESentry is an iOS app for agents to use to capture lead information at open houses using QR code scanning. It leverages the user’s CRM API (application programming interface) to reconcile visitor data with any existing records, create an in-app lead profile and also populate the CRM with the open house visitation data.

The focus on user experience is immediately evident, as the app greatly shrinks the process of setting up an open house and finding out more about who is coming to see the home.

Listings for open house promotion are entered using only the address, which will auto-populate when enough data is entered. Enter the seller’s name, choose whether or not to upload an associated PDF brochure or marketing collateral, and you’re on your way.

The QR code is generated for visitors to scan and published by a print-ready page directly from the app to be used on signage as people come to the property. The code can also be shared via a link for use in other outreach vehicles.

Aspiring buyers will swipe through a quick, eight-step sign-in that asks for a very brief data set to verify personal and professional identity and buying status, pull a LinkedIn profile and determine if they already have an agent. There’s a terms and service/open house agreement form, as well as an e-signature field.

The little touches here really help. For example, nothing in the entry form looks overwhelming; the software presents a single content field per page and counts down the steps. Sure, the user may take time to read the T&Cs, but that’s the only risk the capture process takes in getting the person to offer their information. It’s much less intimidating and cumbersome than the old way, an advantage all digital open house apps have over paper.

ESentry then pushes the person’s data to your CRM of choice, integrated upon account setup. For now, you’ll have to work with LionDesk. If not, work is underway to do the same with Follow Up Boss, MoxieWorks and Chime, with others on the way, too. The more APIs they find, the better.

The app’s listing page then starts to populate with everyone who has signed in, and labels them as an existing lead or a new contact or applies whatever contact tags the CRM finds on them. Their visitation is also cited in the CRM’s record of them, and if necessary, will create a new entry.

Each visitor’s profile is built to include a wealth status, LinkedIn account, company name and title, and if they have an agent, their name will be there, too, which can empower the listing agent to reach out and chat about their mutual lead.

The CRM will also label all new leads as coming from eSentry, a great way to measure the effectiveness of your open house, create a new lead group and launch follow-up actions to stay in touch with them or their agents. It will also track how many other open houses the buyer attended.

I mentioned as a concern that it would be good to see eSentry initiate more upfront marketing of the properties, but I’m not hard-pressed to consider that any sort of detriment to the app.

In fact, if I did, I’d be going against my own stances on feature bloat and category overlap. This is an open house lead capture app, not a campaign builder or social media promotion tool. If it did all the other stuff, it would lose its intent and add friction to its purpose.

However, I don’t think a meta integration would be a challenge for the eSentry team or a way to reach out to previous open house guests about current and upcoming events. After all, it has its ZIP code and the communities in which they’re shopping.

Nevertheless, as this app stands, it’s really sharp. And now, with Curb Hero’s smart upgrades, Kagent’s follow-up tools, and Spacio’s place under the Home Spotter (Lone Wolf) brand, the industry is rich in digital methods for smarter open houses.

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