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Create a concierge experience for your listings

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“Digital curb appeal is a new phenomenon,” said Olivia Mariani, VP of Marketing at Curbio. The team delivered this session at Inman Connect Now.

“People really don’t even want to bother wasting their time unless it looks like something they would you know, most people don’t have a vision and most people aren’t Joanna Gaines, and they can’t kind of see the opportunity. So digital curb appeal and virtual staging are all great tools to offer when it comes to home updates. Of course, you’re also able to tell your clients you recommend that they refinish the floors, paint the cabinets, and paint everything white so that the home looks really turnkey and fresh but it doesn’t take a ton of time or a ton of money. And you can say, ‘By the way, I can do this for you and you don’t have to pay to close everything will be taken care of.’

That’s going to make you stand out because that’s going above and beyond the average agent and buyers are looking for that you know there’s a lot of competition.”

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