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7 Reasons You Should Seriously (Re)consider LinkedIn

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Plenty of social media advisers will tell you that you don’t have to go all-in on every social media platform out there. You can pick and choose the one or two where you feel most comfortable and where you have cultivated the most engagement among your fans and followers. 

With all due respect, whether you’re big on Facebook, IG or TikTok, I think everyone should have a LinkedIn profile. That’s because in many ways it functions differently than any of the other social media platforms. Yet many people either barely use their LinkedIn or don’t use it to its full potential.

What follows are the seven reasons that I think LinkedIn is worth your time, whether you’re active on social media or you’re someone who hates keeping up with other platforms. Used correctly, LinkedIn is just different from the rest. Here’s why.

No. 1: LinkedIn provides superior online visibility

Think about it: What are the first three entries that show up when most people Google your name? Your Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles.

That means if a potential client is looking for you online, anyone with any sort of professional background is going to click on that LinkedIn profile first. That helps to elevate the quality of the inquiries you can expect from LinkedIn.

No. 2: LinkedIn prioritizes your professional accomplishments

If you struggle with some of the flashier aspects of social media content, LinkedIn is a great platform. That’s because a solid bio, resume, work history and a review of your accomplishments are actually valuable there. In fact, I’d say if you’ve been putting off having a professional bio created, LinkedIn makes it essential to do so.

Unlike some other platforms, LinkedIn is not about bells and whistles, flashy visuals, or trendy content. It’s about a solid professional record. It’s the place to finally explain what all of those certifications and designations actually mean and how they inform the service you provide. It’s about sharing organic, meaningful content that builds your authority and lets people know that you are a true leader in your market or niche

No. 3: The Skills section is a great place for shoutouts

Your profile’s Skills section is populated with endorsements from other LinkedIn members. You can reach out to colleagues or former clients and ask for them to vouch for your skills. Even more fun is when you receive a notification that someone took the initiative to reach out of their own accord and give you kudos based on the work you’ve done together, either recently or in the more distant past. 

No. 4: Smart connections on LinkedIn can help you vastly expand your network

Going through your second or third connections on a regular basis can help you to strategically move closer to professional connections you’re aiming to get to know better. If someone you know shares something you’ve written or shared, you never know when it will resonate with someone in their network, which presents you with an unexpected opportunity to connect with a valuable contact.

Just as with any social network, the emphasis here is on the “social” gameplay. You need to reach out, comment, consume other people’s content, have conversations and get to know people. You can’t sit back and wait for others to cultivate a fan club around the content you’re posting. Join groups, and find ways to connect as part of a community on the platform.

No. 5: Content on LinkedIn keeps the conversation more professional

No matter what platform you’re using, social media requires interaction to be successful. It’s not just about posting content; you need to be having conversations and responding to other users. LinkedIn is no different.

However, for those who can’t stand the divisive political and overly personal conversations that are constantly at the forefront of most social media interactions, LinkedIn provides a place where you can keep the content and conversation more appropriate and more focused. Keep in mind your audience — attorneys, doctors, entrepreneurs, business owners — and gear your content toward them.

No. 6: Connect in real-time with leads, colleagues and professional acquaintances

Doing outbound lead gen or inbound Zillow calls? Scheduled a listing appointment or a meeting with a new buyer? Go look them up on LinkedIn, and add them as a connection. 

Did a real estate agent or broker reach out to you, or are you working with a new lender? Add them as a connection, and you’re automatically gaining an insight into their professional network and background and providing them with your resume.

No. 7: Adjust your messaging on the fly to stay relevant

Are expired listings working in your market right now? Write a blog post or film a video about how to reposition and sell a home that has been on the market before with another agent, and share it on your LinkedIn account. 

Talk about the difference professional marketing makes or how staging can help to remarket a property. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to create messaging that speaks to your potential clients in ways that are fresh and relevant.

When you sell a property, don’t just post it as sold. Use it to talk about the strategy you used and include what was special about the property, the neighborhood or the market conditions. When you’ve spoken at an event or participated in a professional training, share it on LinkedIn.

Bonus: LinkedIn Premium provides added benefits

Want to know who has been viewing your profile, how often and when? Pay a little extra for LinkedIn Premium. Take advantage of unlimited search and InMail credits so that you can connect with a wider variety of LinkedIn users. You truly never know when you’re on someone’s radar, and that can be valuable information that allows you to reach out at just the right moment.

LinkedIn offers more of what you want from social networking — connections, professionalism and easy access to a wealth of information — with less of what you don’t want. If you’re one of those people who “just doesn’t like” social media, I encourage you to give LinkedIn a try.

Realtors are professionals, yet don’t do some of the basics that attorneys or doctors do. Level up today.

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