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6 top amenities luxury buyers are looking for in wellness homes

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Most affluent homebuyers are in the market for properties that will boost their sense of health and well-being. But one client’s concept of a perfect wellness-oriented home won’t always be the same as another’s because it’s based on their own personal habits, preferences, and aspirations.

So how can we, as luxury agents, connect our clients with properties that satisfy all their subjective wellness criteria? And at the same time, how can we help them broaden their search and see the potential in homes that may not come with the amenities they’re looking for?

When I’m helping my clients, it’s always my priority to understand their unique desires, interests, and passions so that I can distinguish which amenities are the most important to them. Then when I’m showing properties, I make a point to highlight both the baseline features of the home that allow for a wellness-centric lifestyle and the amenities that take health and wellbeing above and beyond. Let’s look at those in more detail.

3 fundamentals for a wellness-focused home

Many luxury homes have at least three standard features that will appeal to the lifestyle aspirations of almost any wellness-conscious buyer. Those include outdoor recreation spaces, a beautiful main bedroom and adjoining bathroom, and additional square footage that can be reimagined according to the client’s wants and needs.

1. Space to stretch and reflect outdoors

Jason Perlow – Monument Sotheby’s International Realty

If your buyers have health and wellness at the top of their agenda, bring them to a property with a furnished patio and outdoor pool. This has increasingly become standard fare for luxury homes, as it offers a place where they can stay physically active, and where they can create an oasis for mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

2. A primary suite for a private retreat

Jason Perlow-Monument Sotheby’s International Realty

Likewise, most high-end homes you show to your buyers will have a primary bedroom and ensuite with features that can appeal to their wellness sensibilities. Simply pointing out functionalities like heated floors, rain shower heads, or quiet reading nooks can help clients envision exactly how this part of the home can serve their purposes.

3. Room for a personalized renovation

Is there an unspecified or mixed-use space in the home? That’s not uncommon in large luxury properties, so consider your client’s personal wellness interests and suggest some clever ideas for how it can be outfitted. Perhaps it could be a private spin studio or a soundproofed refuge for deep focus and therapeutic breathwork.

3 amenities to score bonus points with buyers

Those three basic features are important, but an incredible value add is the ability to show your buyers amenities that go above and beyond helping them achieve their wellness goals. These include fitness areas that transcend the traditional gym, versatile rooms that provide plenty of natural light, and any expensive and high-tech equipment that can enhance health and wellness.

1. Think beyond traditional home gyms

Of course, it’s great to have a standard gym to stay in peak physical form — but what about a barre studio? A tennis, basketball, or pickleball court? Some fine homes feature these or include indoor versions of traditionally outdoor amenities, such as pools or golf simulators.

2. Spaces where you can let the light in

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I’ve already spoken about the merit flexible spaces can provide for a variety of preferences and purposes, but if they boast an abundance of natural light, all the better. Something as simple as large windows can be positioned as a key wellness-boosting feature.

3. Highly specialized wellness facilities

For those buyers that are truly serious about optimizing their health and wellness, dedicated steam rooms, saunas, or spas can be a critical differentiator. So can “biohacking” features such as red light therapy beds, hyperbaric oxygen chambers, or dry float tanks.

The best havens are custom-built

As I’ve mentioned, the ideal wellness-focused home is completely dependent on the individual. This is why it’s imperative for agents to help buyers see what could be, instead of only looking at what already is. These properties should speak directly and intimately to the homeowner’s inclinations, inspirations, and personality, catering to their own ideas of happiness and self care.

Jason Perlow

As a second-generation REALTOR®, Jason has acquired a wealth of refined, in-depth expertise in the regional real estate market. His Baltimore roots underpin his intimate knowledge of existing neighborhoods, and he maintains deep connections throughout the area. He possesses a vast network of industry leaders, regional professionals, and contractors that have proven invaluable when it comes to helping buyers and sellers accomplish their goals. By exceeding clients’ expectations with his “hands-on” approach, Jason has earned an unparalleled reputation with clients and contemporaries alike.

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