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5 Ways To Say Thank You Year-Round To Build Deeper Relationships

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Saying thank you should be more than a once-a-year pie drop-off. Find ways to say thank you to your clients throughout the transaction and the entire year to help build meaningful relationships.

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Tis the season to be grateful, thankful, and #blessed. This means you better be ordering your pies, planning your parties and counting your blessings before 2023 comes beckoning at your door. We pulled together the best of the best strategies to help you show your clients, your team and everyone in between how much you appreciate their business.

Keep it simple

Saying thank you is more than just making the same gesture for your clients; it’s about evaluating your client’s unique profile and identifying the best ways to show them personally that you appreciate them.

Let your clients know that your business does not work without them. Thanking them in the beginning, throughout the duration, and in regular intervals after the transaction will let them know that you are committed to building a relationship and not just closing a sale.

  • Pay attention to what is important to them. If they are part of any charity organizations or their kids participate in local sports or clubs, you may want to ask them if you can make a donation or sponsorship to the causes that they are already passionate about.
  • Use a social media waiver/disclosure form at the beginning of the transaction relationship to gain permission to thank them publicly in your digital marketing. Agents often carry a larger footprint than the average consumer, and it is important to make sure that your clients are OK with you tagging them online before posting any kind of shout-out, even if it is a thank you.
  • Create a “thank you” station that is filled with little gifts that you can drop off on the fly to clients, birthday cards, candy, candles, gift cards, thank you cards, and other materials so that you can act swiftly when you see an opportunity to say thank you.
  • Designate a monthly “thank you” day where you block off time on your calendar to work on thank you projects.  Make this a meaningful habit that is a standard practice in your business.
  • Acts of service are a great way to say thank you. Zero in on gifts of cleaning services, auto care, babysitting, gardening, meal gifts, and anything that you can think of that can help your clients have less stress in their life.

It’s all in the way you show you care

Need even more ways to show your clients you appreciate them?  We have you covered. From brainstorming sessions to detailed party planning, we have curated the best ways to show appreciation and say thank you.

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This closing gift just might save your client’s life(style)

You may think of it exclusively in terms of its pre-listing potential, but professional photography or videography could be a lifesaver for your clients in the years to come.

Whichever way you decide to say thank you, remember that it needs to be consistent and meaningful. Sometimes when we just reflexively say “thank you,” it’s not as meaningful as going the extra mile. The nice thing about going the extra mile is that, more often than not, the path isn’t crowded.

Rachael Hite sold real estate in Virginia and West Virginia for seven years with a specialization in short sales and foreclosures. She has been an office manager, an agent, mortgage marketing consultant and continuing education trainer for agents since 2012. She currently specializes in private business development and digital marketing services for top-producing agents and businesses in the housing industry.

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