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3 essential elements in the agent’s digital toolbox

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Unlocking a door is just one quick moment in an entire journey. Over one million real estate professionals use Supra’s eKEY® app and electronic lockboxes for seamless, secure access to properties, but there is a basket of tools beyond just the iconic blue lockbox. For example, agents can access real-time showing information or schedule showings all through the Supra® digital ecosystem.

Here we uncover how Supra has invested in an array of digital solutions that empower agents to deliver superior service to their clients in finding their dream homes.

The power to book more showings, faster

Supra showing management, powered by BrokerBay™, is an intuitive, modern, cloud-based solution built to reduce workloads, empower agents, and thoroughly impress clients. Agents can easily schedule, manage, and suggest new showing times as well as efficiently search, share, and book—even across multiple properties on a single tour.

And, as a brokerage-wide solution, teams can coordinate and collaborate on listings, showings, offers, and more. Agents can even use a chat tool to connect with teammates, clients, or suppliers—streamlining communication across the whole team. Purpose-built for teams, this solution streamlines appointments, simplifies offer management, and standardizes electronic lockbox access.

The power to open doors near and far

Supra’s managed access service offers expanded, controlled access options for agents and trusted contractors. Unlike a one-day code, these options are secure, non-transferable, and provide full accountability. The non-member agent solution allows agents who work outside their area to subscribe to a unique access key to open lockboxes while keeping listing and shackle control with the member agent.

The second option, a single access key, is ideal for more ad-hoc uses. This key provides convenient and secure access for individuals such as contractors, stagers, photographers, and even neighboring agents who require limited one-off or occasional entry to properties. Authorization is granted by the listing agent via the eKEY app for one-time lockbox access during a designated time window, with full tracking and audit trail capabilities.

The power to get real-time information at your fingertips

With the Supra eKEY app, agents can easily see the start and end of showing times and gain feedback on their listings all from the palm of their hand. In fact, the moment agents unlock the lockbox, they can get real-time listing details, including a listing photo and current property notes. Listing agents can provide last-minute instructions to showing agents about the property remotely, and buyer’s agents can view the latest showing notes as they enter the property.

In short, the Supra eKEY app helps agents stay organized and ensure they’re always in the know.

Across the board, Supra offers agents more power to stay on top of the market, manage schedules, track client feedback, connect their teams, and more. With Supra in the toolbox, agents can simplify showing management logistics and focus on what’s most important, their clients

For more on Supra’s solutions visit supraekey.com.

Some services and features may not be available in all areas. Please contact your association/board/MLS administrator for more information.

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