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3 assets every agent needs to tackle a changing housing market

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The bustling seller’s market of the past few years created an environment in which almost any real estate agent could thrive, so long as they could lock down a listing. But many agents newer to the industry have yet to experience a balanced or buyer’s market.

Although market shifts can sometimes be accompanied by uncertainty, when agents are equipped with the right tools and resources, they are better prepared to prosper in the real estate business no matter what conditions the market presents.

Agents: Do you have these tools on-hand to navigate a housing market experiencing change?

Accessible education

No matter their experience level, all agents can benefit from consistent education throughout their career, whether it’s to specialize in new facets of real estate – like luxury or commercial – brush up on tech or stay on top of current trends.

A real estate brand that offers an online learning hub can help agents stay one step ahead. RE/MAX University, which is available to all RE/MAX affiliates, empowers agents to engage in relevant learning tracks, earn certifications and designations, and partake in developmental opportunities at their own pace. Brand-exclusive courses and partnership programs cover topics including pricing, negotiation, lead generation, nurturing business, marketing, career growth and more.

“Ensuring RE/MAX affiliates have the resources available to them to be successful in any type of market is our top priority as it is the key to their long-term success,” says RE/MAX, LLC President and CEO Nick Bailey.

Marketing resources

A shifting market could mean a slower pace of home turnover. When it comes to agents being able to successfully connect with the most clients, marketing is more important than ever before.

Many agents take a streamlined approach to marketing, allowing them to focus on buying and selling real estate while still producing personalized and timely content.

Tools that make it easy for users to market themselves and engage with clients through customizable static graphic and video templates, shareable social media graphics, branded digital stickers and more are critical. For RE/MAX agents, these tools include an exclusive system for producing customized commercials and videos in mere seconds, a resource that simplifies digital advertising, and an app tailored specifically for RE/MAX affiliates to create easy-to-use branded assets.

“Video drives more social media interactions than any other content, and to be able to brand your videos in just a few steps is game-changing,” shares Jeremy Collins, Technology & Marketing Director with RE/MAX Creative Realty in Lexington, Kentucky.

Brand recognition

A great reputation can help keep business booming regardless of what the market brings. Aligning with a brand that boosts an agent’s reputation can foster a stronger presence in local markets.

Ann Meadows, a top-producing agent with RE/MAX of Cherry Creek in Denver, Colorado, sees most of her clientele come from referrals in her market. Her brand affiliation, growth-minded brokerage and status as an award winner are factors driving Meadows’ success.

“When people are referred to me, they see the RE/MAX name beside mine and that gives me credibility,” Meadows says.

A brand name delivers recognition and conveys industry expertise.

“I noticed right off the bat that people [tend to] want to work with you if they know you’re a RE/MAX agent. [Clients and other agents] recognize the RE/MAX of Cherry Creek name and they know that they’re getting an experienced, qualified REALTOR®,” Meadows shares.

“It’s really a service to my clients that I am with my brokerage.”

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