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10 Easy Ways To Repurpose Your Video Content For Maximum Impact

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The key to maximizing the impact of your long-form video content lies in a well-structured repurposing strategy, Karen Stone explains.

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In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, real estate professionals are recognizing the importance of video content for building their brand and engaging with their audience. However, creating impactful video content is only the first step.

The true power lies in the art of repurposing that content to reach a wider audience and make a lasting impact. In this article, I’ll share a strategy that incorporates simple tools and AI assistance and enables you to transform one piece of pillar content into a multitude of engaging formats.

Step 1: Crafting the pillar content

Begin by creating a long-form video that covers a topic of relevance to your audience. This video serves as the cornerstone of your content strategy. Whether you’re discussing market trends, sharing insights, or providing tips for buyers and sellers, your video should be informative and engaging.

Step 2: Transcription for enhanced accessibility

For those who prefer reading or have accessibility needs, transcribe your video using services like Rev.com. This transcript serves as the foundation for the subsequent steps, making it easier to repurpose the content in various formats.

Step 3: Transforming with AI

Leverage AI tools such as ChatGPT to repurpose your content effectively. Start by using the transcript as a prompt for the AI to generate an SEO-optimized blog post. This repurposed content can be posted on your website, extending its reach and improving SEO.

Step 4: Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) optimization

Create a condensed version of the blog post, around 1500 characters or less, tailored for your Google My Business listing. This update not only keeps your profile active but also directs traffic back to your website, enhancing your online presence.

Step 5: Social media nuggets

In ChatGPT, craft three key quotes from your video content that are share-worthy. Alongside these quotes, develop captions and hashtags that are SEO optimized. These bite-sized pieces of content are perfect for sharing on various social media platforms.

Step 6: Building the blog post

Utilize the AI-generated blog post on your website, linking it back to the long-form video on YouTube. This cross-linking strategy improves your website’s authority and enhances user experience.

Step 7: Google Business Page update

Post the condensed content from Step 4 on your Google Business page. This not only maintains your online presence but also drives traffic back to your website, boosting your online visibility.

Step 8: Visual appeal with Canva

Design visually appealing graphics featuring the key quotes created earlier using a tool like Canva. Pair these graphics with the supporting captions and hashtags for social media distribution.

Step 9: Interactive Instagram Story

Craft an interactive Instagram Story featuring a key quote and a link to the blog post. This drives traffic to your website and engages your audience in a more dynamic way.

Step 10: Embrace short-form video

Collaborate with an editor to extract key points from the video, creating shorter 45-60 second videos. These snippets can be used to create a dynamic reel that can be shared across multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

Empowering your assistant

Once you’ve refined this process, create a standardized operating procedure and share it with your assistant or virtual assistant. This empowers them to manage the distribution of content across various platforms, freeing up your time for other strategic tasks.

In conclusion, the key to maximizing the impact of your long-form video content lies in a well-structured repurposing strategy. By utilizing AI tools, optimizing for various platforms, and collaborating with assistants, real estate professionals can effectively extend their reach and engage their audience across multiple channels. Don’t let your valuable content go to waste — repurpose and conquer the digital realm.

An accomplished real estate agent, Karen Stone is also a multifaceted personality who hosts American Dream TV’s “Selling Utah,” entertains as a DJ on KPCW, and dazzles audiences as a stand-up comedian in the Big Apple. Connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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